Polyphosphates vs. Water Softeners

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Polyphosphates provide smooth-feeling water vs. the slick, slimy feeling that comes from salt-softened water Polyphosphates vs. Water Softeners Although water is critical for life it is also the most destructive

Well, Well, Well

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The EPA Does Not Regulate Well Water Well Water vs. Municipal Water Since the EPA does not regulate well water like it does municipal water, the homeowners on a well


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Chemical-Free DisinfectingFor Commercial or Residential Aqueous OzoneHistory:Aqueous Ozone is not new. With its discovery in 1840, Ozone has been around for a long time. Its use for purifying water has been a


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Water Main Breaks Happen On a Regular Basis Water Main Breaks Water main breaks happen almost every day, and those are only the ones that are known. The big ones that

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