Polyphosphates vs. Water Softeners

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Polyphosphates provide smooth-feeling water vs. the slick, slimy feeling that comes from salt-softened water Polyphosphates vs. Water Softeners Although water is critical for life it is also the most destructive force in nature.  Water softeners are a great piece of technology to protect your homes’ appliances, pipes, equipment, and fixtures

Water Infrastructure

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Major Problems Exist with America's Antiquated Water Infrastructure Water Infrastructure Improvement A package discussed for the 2021 budget, includes a huge possible investment in the country’s water infrastructure. According to Laura Miller, an Environment America Clean Water Advocate, “The House spending package included an historic $11.7 billion for water infrastructure

COVID-19 & Water

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COVID-19 and Your Water While there is no connection currently between the coronavirus and drinking water, the virus that causes COVID-19 has been found in untreated wastewater. Researchers do not know whether this virus can cause disease if a person is exposed to untreated wastewater or sewerage systems. There is no evidence to

Chlorine vs. Chloramines

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CHLORINE AND CHLORAMINE ... AND YOUR SKIN Chlorine is a highly toxic chemical that helps to disinfect public water systems. The chemical element kills pathogens and prevents the spread of waterborne illnesses. While there are several excellent benefits of chlorine, excessive exposure to the chemical can cause skin irritations and aggravate conditions like

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