Woman Drinking Glass of Water

How is your drinking water quality?

Drinking Water Week

Drinking Water Week was created in 1988 by the American Water Works Association (AWWA), to help raise awareness about public drinking water and the importance of water, in general. With the amount of water we use daily for cooking, cleaning, bathing, and drinking, we should be more aware of the condition of the water we use. What is in the water? How much water are we using? What can I do to ensure my water is clean and keep the waste down to a minimum? Questions like these can help bring more of an understanding of how important water is and if there are any water issues in your area that you are not currently aware of.  Learning about it is the first step.

Wasting water in the household is much more common than you would think, and much easier. Have you ever accidentally left a faucet on, even if it was a slow drip? It can add up quickly how much water is being wasted from one drip. Then you have a toilet that could be leaking, constantly, as well. Ensuring your faucets are off and your toilet is not leaking is a great way to start conserving water in your home.

Addressing water quality in your home can be as simple as installing a whole home water filtration system. The right water filtration system can save you money on bottled water. As well as, saving you money on your expensive plumbing system by protecting it from hard water damage.