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Better water for your faucets make them last longer.

Why You Should Filter Your Water
Before It Enters Your Home!

Water filtration may be a foreign concept for some people. With all the bottled water nowadays, it can be easy just to go to your fridge and grab a bottle of water when you are thirsty. While you may feel better about not drinking tap water, what about when you cook, bathe, or clean around your house?

Having a POE (Point of Entry) water filtration system (filters the water before it enters your home) has many benefits, not only for you but for your home as well. This means every faucet, shower head, or washing machine will be using clean, filtered water when in use. Depending on the filter, your home could be protected from hard water minerals that cause scale build-up and corroded pipes. The biologicals in the water (microbial cyst/bacteria) can be stopped by a sub-micron water filtration system as well since the biologicals are physically too big to fit through the size of the filter. Meaning your water would cleaner and safer than before throughout your home.