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Better water for your faucets make them last longer.

Why You Should Filter Your Water
Before It Enters Your Home! — Part Three

Knowing what is in your water can be the first step in determining what water filtration system is right for you and your home. Another thing to consider is if you have or want a water softener for your home. A water softener would treat the hard water minerals in your water, but it would do nothing about the chemicals, bacteria, or other contaminants. A whole-home water filtration system before a water softener could help prolong the life of the softener and keep your water cleaner and safer than before.

Without a water softener in your home, you can use a filter that utilizes polyphosphates as a hard water solution. Polyphosphates will sequester the hard water minerals so they cannot cause scale buildup and damage your expensive plumbing equipment and fixtures. Some people have described the water coming from a softener as having a ‘slimy’ feel to it. With polyphosphates and a filter that is certified to perform, since it is not going through an ionic exchange, the water entering your home will be safer for you and your home without that slimy feel.