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Major Problems Exist with America’s Antiquated Water Infrastructure

Water Infrastructure Improvement

A package discussed for the 2021 budget, includes a huge possible investment in the country’s water infrastructure. According to Laura Miller, an Environment America Clean Water Advocate, “The House spending package included an historic $11.7 billion for water infrastructure projects…” (Miller, 2020). This budget would help address major problems with our waters’ infrastructure, from old, leaky, pipes made out of lead, to sewage making its way into our water systems.

Water main breaks are not new, they happen every year multiple times per year, at least the ones we hear of. The small leaks or cracks in the water distribution pipes are nearly impossible to detect immediately, which allows contaminants to enter the water lines. Whether it is herbicides, pesticides, bacteria, or other harmful contaminants, truly knowing what is in your water when it gets to your home is a difficult thing to be sure of.

In some areas across the country the water lines are old, 50+ years or older, sometimes older. These older water lines can be more susceptible to cracks, leaks, or breaks. These older lines can cause lead contamination issues as well.

It is very important, especially in times like this, that these issues with the water infrastructure are addressed and dealt with to ensure our water is safe to drink. This package being discussed by Congress is a necessary step toward the right direction for the water distribution process throughout the United States.


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