Water Main Breaks
Happen On a Regular Basis

Water Main Breaks

Water main breaks happen almost every day, and those are only the ones that are known. The big ones that cause damage, are noticeable, and/or are reported on are the ones that we know about. However, small hairline fractures and pinhole leaks in water lines that go unnoticed are the ones that are troublesome for the homeowner.

Aging Pipes

With some water mains being upwards of 100 years old, the integrity of the pipes underneath the ground are bound to deteriorate in some way or another. With the ground settling on top of them, variations in water pressure, and the minerals in the water attacking the metal of the water mains, these water distribution pipes in the ground can rupture or crack. Which can cause major damage in the surrounding area or allow contaminants into the water supply and eventually into your home.

Contaminated Water In Your Home

These small leaks allow for many different contaminants to get into the water supply AFTER the water leaves the local municipality. Contaminants such as herbicides, pesticides, chemical runoff, and much more can make their way into the water supply and into your home.

What To Do

Having a whole house water filtration system can prevent these contaminants from causing harm to your homes water pipes and fixtures, as well as your family’s health. So when a water main does break, whether you know about it or not, you know your water is safe to drink and use throughout your house.
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