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The EPA Does Not
Regulate Well Water

Well Water vs. Municipal Water

Since the EPA does not regulate well water like it does municipal water, the homeowners on a well are responsible for the quality of their water. Which means it is up to them to make sure the water coming out of that well is potable when it gets to their house. Whereas municipal water is filtered and chemically treated before it makes its way through the distribution system.
            Water from wells can taste better than municipal water due to the lack of chemicals in the water, since its coming from an underground aquifer. It is also naturally filtered by the sediment and rock underground before it gets to the aquifer. This does not mean, however, that it is always safe to drink without a water filter. Contaminants can still reach the aquifer, the deeper the well, the less likely it is of the contaminants get into the water, but it is safest to have a water filter before the water reaches your home.
            Municipal water is safe to drink when it comes out of your faucets because it has already been treated by the water treatment plant. Depending on where you live your water treatment plant might use chlorine or chloramine, so it is possible to have a chlorine smell coming from your water. While the levels are still within the guidelines of the EPA, it is still an unpleasant feeling smelling the chlorine from the water coming out of your faucets.
            At the Honest Water Filter Company, our whole home water filtration systems are designed to reduce up to 99.95% of chlorine, chloramine bacterial cysts, and sediments from the water. So, when it enters your home, you don’t have to worry about a strange smell or taste. On municipal water or a private well, our systems will provide you with safer, cleaner, and healthier water than before.